How to Hide a Butterfly


DSCN6157                                         DSCN6151

     A cheetah in the bush.                                                                                                         Owl in the tree

                                                              The Walking-stick by Douglas Florian 

            The walking-stick is thin, not thick,
                                   and has a disappearing trick:
                                   By looking like a twig or stalk,
                                   It lives another day to walk.

Today we had the students working on how animals have the ability to camouflage themselves imitating plants,  the ground, or even other animals in order to hide or hunt. They camouflage to survive, to live another day.

How to Hide a Butterfly
DSCN6140 DSCN6154 DSCN6144 DSCN6119 DSCN6129 DSCN6139 DSCN6117 DSCN6128 DSCN6120 DSCN6112 DSCN6105 DSCN6107 DSCN6109 DSCN6108 DSCN6103 DSCN6122 DSCN6124


About Erika Yano

Born in Uruguay. Graduated from FIU with a B.S. in Early Childhood. I am a 1st Grade Teacher. I have had the privilege of being an educator of young children for more than 20 years! I can honestly say I love going to school every day! I love to create hands on learning experiences for my students and help them love school and love learning! Enjoy taking a peek into 1st grade world!

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